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Who and What We Are

What Is Lyceum?

Lyceum is a parent-led community that offers gifted children enrichment seminars in the Humanities, Arts, and Physical and Natural Sciences. Children must be in grades 2 through 8 and meet the requirements listed under How to Qualify.  Lyceum seminars  are developed as enrichment activities for this population of students to broaden and enhance their knowledge and experience and to give them an opportunity for friendships with similar peers. “Hands-on” experiences are stressed, as are activities that provide the child with an opportunity to explore a specific interest in depth.

In addition, Lyceum families also organize social and family activities. Typical events include game socials, music night, international pot luck, family picnics, and bike rides.

How Does Lyceum Function?

Parents supply volunteer power for the committees that are responsible for Membership, Seminar Development, Website Support, Publicity, Seminar Operations , Special Events, and the Board of Directors. Committee chairpersons are responsible for furnishing their volunteers with directions and following up on their tasks. Parents can choose to act as instructors for the seminars, sharing their particular interests and hobbies.

After parents and children are enrolled, family email addresses are added to an e-mail list. Through this list, each family receives notices about new seminars that are open for registration and other Lyceum news. Families can register for seminars on the Lyceum website.

Lyceum History

Lyceum of Santa Clara Valley is a non-profit, self-supporting, parent participation organization established by parents and educators in 1973.  With the shift of educational priorities in California, we aim to build a community of families with academically gifted children, where connections and friendships can be fostered, and parents share experiences and knowledge unique to raising a gifted child.

What Is the Relationship Between Lyceum and Schools?

The only formal relationship between Lyceum and schools within Santa Clara County is that, at our request, the school districts, as well as private schools, supply information about Lyceum to parents of identified gifted children.

Who Is on the Lyceum Board?

Lyceum is managed by a board of directors comprised of and open to Lyceum member parents. The board consists of 4 officers - President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary - and various chairs depending on which positions are filled.  The meetings are open to the public and all members are welcome to attend as observers. Board elections are held annually in June.